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Auto Service Customer Retention

customerretentionsmService managers understand customer retention is key to maximizing the profitability of their department. Yet 60% to 70% of automotive service customers end up using independent auto repair shops. We all know it is far more cost effective to retain or win back past customers then having to keep finding new ones. Many times it comes down to building a relationship and value.
A personal phone call from the Service Manager, General Manager or even the Owner offering a customer appreciation offer would go a long way to building a relationship. In the past calling all of your past customers would be impossible. What if you could leave a voicemail without ever calling their phone offering them an incentive to bring their vehicle in for service?

Cutting Edge Technology

AutoVMS3Our new technology can instantly places a personal voicemail on 1,000’s of service customer’s voicemail without ever calling their phone allowing them to listen at their leisure. It appears like you actually took the time to call them but went directly to voicemail. This goes a long way to start building a relationship while delivering your customer appreciation offer. Did you know that 96% of voicemails are listened to by consumers?
This technology is lightning fast! Once we have it setup with your personal voice mail recording and your list of customers separated by focus it can be sent in minutes. Having a slow day we can hit 1,000’s of customers in minutes. Need to get your absorption rate up send a different message to different customers every week. Add as many voicemail recordings as you like with different target customers.

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