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auto-sales-phone-leadsAuto Sales Leads

How would you like to light up your phones anytime you want with interested car and/or truck buyers? We have developed a marketing strategy that will do just that. Our system will instantly place 1000’s of voicemails on perspective client’s digital phone or cell phone in a matter of minutes without ever calling their phone. Only people interested in buying a car or a truck will call you back. Unlike e-mail voicemail has an open rate of 94% with 2% to 11% response rate! Assuming these stats stay true for your dealership if you place 10,000 targeted voicemails and only 2% call you back it would produce 200 interested buyers to call you! What is your closing ratio? How many sales do you want? You do the math.

Imagine sending all of your past customers who bought a truck 3 years ago a message from the General Manager or Owner saying as a valued customer you wanted to personally reach out to them and give them an unadvertised offer on a truck of their choice in appreciation of their support of your dealership. You could leave a message that you have a buyer for the truck they purchased a few years ago and would like to give them a great trade in offer and an incredible deal on a new truck if they would be interested in trading in their truck. You can have a special message targeted to any type of customer you want to reach out to in your own customer base.

Do you want to reach out to targeted customers in your area that are home owners in a certain age group? How about reaching out to all of the businesses that purchase trucks in one afternoon? As part of our service we can provide you with a list targeting any consumer or business type in any zip code you choose! Direct mail is expensive, takes a lot of planning, is impersonal and 44% of direct mail is never opened. Voicemail is delivered instantly, is inexpensive and is heard 96% of the time.

Orphan Owner ListOrphan Owners List

What happens to that orphan owner list your OEM rep gives you? You did your job and passed on to someone to call. Were those calls made? How many sales did you get? How would you like to turn that list into immediate sales? Would it give you an advantage to reach everyone on the list and close sales in a few days?

You control what is said because it is your perfect message delivered instantaneously to everyone on the list. Only deal with interested buyers who want to take advantage of your irresistible offer.  Everything is tracked down to a recording of every return call.

autosalesconquestslider-11Conquest Made Easy

Everyone loves conquest. Grabbing sales from your competitors or other DMA's at will puts you in full control of your marketplace. Just grab a list from Polk and plug it into the AutoVMS system with a targeted personal voicemail to gain the market share you always wanted.

AutoVMS is the most powerful marketing strategy ever devised that actually delivers car and truck buyers on demand. For a free quote give us a call at (720) 213-8997 or submit a request by filling out the form.

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