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Automotive Marketing Consultant For 40 Years

Auto Sales Marketing Consultant For 40 YearsMy name is Ed "Edge" Neues, CEO of AutoVMS. I have been a marketing consultant to car dealers for 40 years. I am continually conducting research for the most effective marketing strategy to give my automotive clients an edge over their competition. AutoVMS is the most extraordinary marketing tool ever devised. It is extremely cost effective and delivers any type of auto sales and service leads on demand.

AutoVMS is a proprietary system that will take any targeted list and sends personal voicemails from the owner, GM, Service Manager or anyone you wish to 1000's or 100,000's of potential clients in a matter of minutes without ever calling their phone. This is the non intrusive alternative to voice broadcasting that allows the consumer to listen to your personal voicemail at their leisure. The consumer thinks they just missed a personal call directly from you. You only pay for messages that are 100% successfully delivered. Because a call was never placed, the consumer is never charged a dime.  When used responsibly this is 100% TCPA, FCC, and CRTC compliant.

Within minutes after hearing your pre-qualifying message your phone starts ringing with customers interested in your irresistible offer. AutoVMS works with your internal targeted list, conquest list or we will provide you with any geo-targeted list free with the service. No big build up and waiting to see if your expensive marketing strategy worked. AutoVMS is extremely cost effective and delivers interested consumers on demand. Having a slow month or a slow week we can instantly help you surpass your numbers.

This is the most powerful marketing tool I have ever seen and it is yours right now! Just fill out the form to get a free no obligation quote or give me a call (720) 213-8997. You and your owner are going to love AutoVMS!

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